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November Elections And The Stock Market

With the presidential elections less than two months away, we hear a lot about how the results are likely to affect the stock market. Some believe a Biden win will sink the stock market due to his commitment to higher individual and corporate income tax rates and more regulations. Others believe a Trump win cause […]

Bonds: What Are They Good For?

With bonds yields currently at historic lows, I am reminded of the 1970’s hit song “War” by Edwin Starr, where he asked, “War, what is it good for?” and his reply, “Absolutely nothing!” As difficult as it is to appreciate bonds, let me attempt to make the case that bonds, even with a seemingly bleak […]

Investing for the Ages Part III of III: 60’s & 70’s and Beyond

In this three-part series, I’ve discussed how to adjust your investment strategy depending on whether you are just getting started in your twenties and thirties or have made steady progress towards saving for retirement in your forties and fifties. Investing for the Ages: 20’s & 30’s Investing for the Ages: 40’s & 50’s If you […]

Investing For The Ages Part II of III: 40’s and 50’s

In the second part of this series, “Investing for the Ages,” I want to focus on people in their forties and fifties. At this point, you should have accumulated forty percent to sixty-five percent of your retirement savings goal. Ok, I’m guessing a lot of people are thinking, “I have no idea what my retirement […]

Investing for the Ages Part I of III: 20’s & 30’s

Even under COVID…no, especially under COVID, people need to be focused on their long-term financial future. If you’re in your twenties or thirties and want to create financial independence, you’ll need to begin an investment program. Here are the key actions you should take now:   Don’t wait, invest now. Many people postpone investing because […]