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Time To Review Your Homeowner’s Insurance

The catastrophic damage in Louisiana and throughout the Northeast caused by Hurricane Ida is an important reminder of the value of homeowners insurance.  According to the Insurance Information Institute, 2019 reported that 5.1% of insured homes had a homeowner’s claim. 97% of those claims were attributed to property damage, and 3% were losses from liability […]

Umbrella Liability Insurance – How Much is Enough?

It was a blue-sky Colorado day as my clients were driving to the airport after a week of snow skiing when they hit a patch of ice, causing their car to veer into the oncoming lane.  Fortunately, my clients and their children had buckled their seatbelts…unfortunately, the two ladies in the oncoming vehicle had not.  […]

Medicare – What You Must Do Right Now

If you are on Medicare, it’s that time of the year again! Now is the time to review your current plan and compare the options available to ensure you are on the best plan for your situation. You could potentially save thousands of dollars. There is a deadline for making changes for 2021, so don’t […]

My Long-Term Care Premiums just increased 60% …what should I do?

Policyholders are getting notifications from Genworth and other Long-Term Care providers that their insurance premiums will be increasing by as much as 60%.  These are not new policies; these are policies that have been in force for more than a decade.  The question is often, “What am I to do?” First, let’s understand what got […]

Retirement Healthcare Expenses: Are You Ready?

Insurance Companies Exiting the LTC business Genworth, a major writer of long-term care insurance (LTC), recently announced they’d no longer offer LTC insurance through brokers and, instead, would only offer coverage ‘direct-to-consumer’.  This is an effort to cut the enormous expenses of commissions paid to brokers and reflects declining demand for LTC products.  Demand has […]