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4th Quarter Investment Mindset: Focus on Tax

As we enter the 4th quarter of 2020, uncertainty remains in capital markets related to Covid-19, elections, etc. While much attention is often paid to financial issues outside our control, investors should focus their energy on tax efficiency areas, which are within their control. Additionally, with potential tax increases/changes resulting from the November elections, emphasis […]

Thinking of Retiring? Consider the Emotional Aspects

The average retirement age in the United States is sixty, and the average life expectancy is age seventy-nine. Note that to get the ‘average’ life expectancy, you include many who will live well beyond that age, with more and more people living to centenarian status. It goes without saying that you must carefully calculate that […]

Are Annuities A Good Investment?

A few decades ago, I was in the life insurance business, so I had an opportunity to see how they make the sausage. Annuities are products sold by sales representatives through life insurance companies. The product is often complicated and laden with both up-front and ongoing commissions, fees, and expenses. Annuities come in many varieties: […]

Investing for the Ages Part III of III: 60’s & 70’s and Beyond

In this three-part series, I’ve discussed how to adjust your investment strategy depending on whether you are just getting started in your twenties and thirties or have made steady progress towards saving for retirement in your forties and fifties. Investing for the Ages: 20’s & 30’s Investing for the Ages: 40’s & 50’s If you […]