Estate Planning: When To Include Children

Developing a detailed estate plan is a vital component of the financial planning process.  Although children are not always consulted during the execution of estate plans, there are some circumstances where they should be involved, or at the very least, informed of the details.  Below are a few of these instances: Children Given Responsibilities: When […]

Avoid the Rising Threat of Mail Fraud

Although cyber security issues and digital crime rates are rising, traditional mail fraud is also experiencing a surge. While it used to be limited to specific regions, mail fraud is now becoming more common across northern Alabama, especially in Birmingham. If you become a victim of mail fraud, recovering your losses can be difficult and […]

What I Wish I Had Known About Money When I Was Younger

By The Welch Group Having a good understanding of personal finance is crucial to experiencing financial freedom and success. The sad truth is that financial literacy is not typically taught in schools or families, leaving individuals responsible for learning about and implementing sound financial habits throughout their lives, from their first post-college job to retirement. […]

The Social Security Decision Tree

Social Security Retirement Income has evolved into the foundation of retirement planning for most workers, representing most of the retirement income, on average, for older Americans. Remember that Social Security Retirement Income is subject to cost-of-living increases, making it a very valuable income source for your retirement. This means making the right decision about when […]

There Is Still Time for a 2022 IRA Tax Break

Time is fast running out, but you may still be able to score a tax break for 2022 with an Traditional IRA contribution. Here’s what you need to know: For 2022, your maximum contribution limit is $6,000; plus an additional $1,000 if you were age 50 or older in 2022. Eligible couples could save $3,500 […]

Beware of the
“Risk-Free” Rate!

The recent rise in “risk-free” short-term interest rates has many people reconsidering the risk vs. reward dynamic relative to the stock market. While the increase in yields is welcomed relief compared to the historically low interest rates of the past 15 years, it is important for investors not to lose sight of the primary purpose […]

Retired? Avoid the Cardinal Sin of Investing

Designing an investment portfolio can be a complex process at any age. It requires consideration of various variables such as risk tolerance, time horizon, and financial goals; however, there is one rule that always holds true for investors:  **Rule** Never put yourself in a position where you MUST sell assets when they are down to […]

Strategies To Help Foil Scammers

One of my tennis buddies relayed a story where hackers had stolen virtually all his private information necessary to open accounts in his name. They proceeded to open bank accounts and credit card accounts across the country. It was a widespread scam attempt. Fortunately, he caught it before losing any money. Scammers constantly evolve tactics […]

Why Banks Fail & How to Protect Your Savings

By The Welch Group Banks play a vital role in the economy, providing individuals and businesses with access to cash, credit, and other financial services. Despite their importance, however, banks can fail. And when they do, the effects often cause panic in the wider economic environment. This past week, two major players in the banking […]

Is Your Money at Your Bank Safe?

Recently, the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) failed without much warning in a matter of days leaving many bank depositors across the country wondering if their deposits were safe. The good news is that SVB was a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which means that deposits of up to $250,000 are protected. However, […]