Is a Stock Market Correction Looming?

Investing can be difficult, especially when deciding how to navigate the stock market’s ups and downs. After the downside experienced in 2022, the recent upside move has been a welcomed relief. However, data suggests the market may be due for a break soon. Let’s dive into how this may affect you and the steps you […]

4 Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying a New House

As the spring season begins, both the flowers and the real estate market tend to bloom. The spring is a popular time for real estate transactions due to the rise in buyer and seller activities. As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, many people feel the urge to settle down before the […]

Navigating The Recent Jobs Report Update

In recent job market news, we’ve received some pleasantly surprising updates that continue to shape our economic landscape. Last month, the unemployment rate hit an impressive low of 3.7%, showcasing a job market that’s not just resilient but stronger than we expected. Adding to the good news, a whopping 353,000 jobs were created in January, […]

Recent Changes in Federal Law and Old 401(k)s

A recent change in federal law is likely to significantly impact individuals with smaller 401(k) retirement plans left behind at their previous employers. Although the new law is intended to be beneficial, it is essential to note that there may be potential negative consequences that the public should be aware of. The History  The landscape […]

Navigating Tax Hikes: A Strategy for High-Income Earners

Last week, we explored the concept of FAST goals, emphasizing the importance of taking immediate action for goal attainment. If you’re looking for an effective financial strategy to take action in the new year, then the Back-Door Roth IRA could be a strong option to consider. Back-Door Roth IRA: A Strategic Financial Move If your […]

3 Common Financial Habits of Wealthy Families

As a financial advisor, I often work with successful families who have achieved great wealth through different paths. However, there are some common financial habits that many of these families demonstrate, which seem to have helped them build a foundation for their success. Savings & Investing Take Priority One of the most common and significant […]

Managing Your Holiday Expenses

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s easy to get carried away by the excitement of the season and overspend. While this may bring short-term joy, overspending can lead to financial difficulties in the future, especially if you’re relying on credit cards. With credit card interest rates exceeding 20% and inflation continuing to be […]

2024 Tax Bracket and Contribution Limit Updates 

The Federal tax brackets are adjusted for inflation by the IRS each year. These adjustments are made to avoid putting taxpayers in higher tax brackets due to changes in the cost of living. Looking ahead to 2024, the adjustments will be less significant than those made in 2023. However, taxpayers will still experience a relatively […]

Investing Around Geopolitical Events

It is likely that you will experience one or more major world events at some point in your life, such as pandemics or political conflicts. Such events can significantly alter the lives of people across the globe and the environment we live in. Financial security is among the many concerns people often face during these […]

Taylor Swift and the Time Value of Money

Taylor Swift’s Eras Concert Tour is taking the country by storm, with hundreds of thousands of concertgoers paying an average of $1,300 to see the renowned music superstar perform. While it’s natural that people are eager to indulge in experiences like concerts and travel after the pandemic, it’s important for consumers to remember that spending […]