Taylor Swift and the Time Value of Money

Taylor Swift’s Eras Concert Tour is taking the country by storm, with hundreds of thousands of concertgoers paying an average of $1,300 to see the renowned music superstar perform. While it’s natural that people are eager to indulge in experiences like concerts and travel after the pandemic, it’s important for consumers to remember that spending […]

Achieving A Comfortable Retirement – Part 2

Previously, we discussed the psychological difficulties that retirees may encounter as they strive for a comfortable retirement. We will now concentrate on the challenges of creating and managing a portfolio and the measures that retirees can take to overcome these challenges. Portfolio Positioning When planning for retirement, investors should adjust their portfolio strategy from a […]

Achieving A Comfortable Retirement – Part 1

Planning for retirement can be an overwhelming task, with numerous challenges to overcome. Generally, these challenges fall into two categories: psychological and portfolio management/construction. Over the next few weeks, I will offer guidance on these categories aimed at those who are nearing retirement or already retired. Let’s begin by addressing the psychological hurdles: Replacing a […]

How Much Money Do You Need To Be Wealthy?

Charles Schwab & Company recently released its 2023 Modern Wealth Survey, polling a cross-section of Americans and asking the average net worth needed to be among the ranks of the rich. The result was $2.2 million. Almost half of respondents said they feel wealthy today, with an average net worth of only $560,000. Surprising to […]

Beware of Concentrated Stock Positions

Investors sometimes end up with concentrated stock positions, or too much of one stock in their portfolio, which can be risky. Even though this stock may have the potential for high returns, it can also result in significant losses for the investor. It is essential to be aware of the dangers and learn how to […]

Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Stocks?

Last year the stock market was down over 18%. So far this year, stocks are up about 8%, but we face potential headwinds of a recession. Is now a good time to invest? To best answer this question requires a quick review of the stock market’s history. In the short term, the stock market can […]

Guarding Against a Weakening US Dollar

Following the Bretton Woods agreement post World War II, and the agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia in the 1970s to trade oil in US dollars, the US dollar stood alone as the preeminent global currency for almost 80 years. While the United States continues to enjoy this status, concerns are increasing around […]

There Is Still Time for a 2022 IRA Tax Break

Time is fast running out, but you may still be able to score a tax break for 2022 with an Traditional IRA contribution. Here’s what you need to know: For 2022, your maximum contribution limit is $6,000; plus an additional $1,000 if you were age 50 or older in 2022. Eligible couples could save $3,500 […]

Beware of the
“Risk-Free” Rate!

The recent rise in “risk-free” short-term interest rates has many people reconsidering the risk vs. reward dynamic relative to the stock market. While the increase in yields is welcomed relief compared to the historically low interest rates of the past 15 years, it is important for investors not to lose sight of the primary purpose […]

Is It Time to Evaluate Your Advisor?

Last year was a challenging year for investors, to say the least. The overall stock was on the cusp of a bear market, declining close to 18%. Unfortunately, the bond market did not do much better and was down almost 13%. Good financial management demands that you periodically review and monitor both your portfolio performance […]