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PRESS Ahead To Retirement

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PRESS Ahead to Retirement

We are often reminded of the importance of saving for retirement, but why do so many people let the opportunity...

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SquareOne Financial Foundations

SquareOne: A Financial Foundations Blog is a personal finance series from The Welch Group created to help provide readers with the foundational knowledge to be purposeful with money by identifying key financial concepts to help the reader control their financial future. Foundation topics include personal savings strategies, debt consolidation and reduction, life planning, retirement planning methods, and beginner essentials of investing and taxes.

Our Publications

100 TIPS for Creating a Champagne Retirement on a Shoestring Budget

Everyone wants that perfect retirement, but most will fall far short for any number of reasons. What if you could make up some of that lost ground? If you are a millennial or Gen Xer, there are so many small changes you can make that will have a huge impact for you at retirement. If you are a baby boomer or retiree there are many tricks and tips you can use to turn your retirement into an adventure worth living. You can create your own champagne retirement even if you’re on a shoestring budget.

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THINK Like a Self-Made Millionaire: 10 Secrets to Success (Get Rich on Purpose®)

In THINK Like a Self-Made Millionaire: 10 Secrets to Success, learn the success secrets of virtually all self-made millionaires. You’ll pick up proven strategies and action steps to help you achieve sustainable financial freedom, peace of mind, and life success! Through the Get Rich on Purpose® series, America’s Financial Advisor, Stewart H. Welch III, shares the financial expertise and wealth “secrets” he learned while going from an average twenty-something to self-made millionaire before the age of forty. His message is clear: “Everyone has the power to transform themselves and create extraordinary levels of success.”

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J.K. Lasser’s New Rules for Estate and Tax Planning

JK Lasser’s New Rules for Estate, Retirement and Tax Planning is the authoritative guide to estate, retirement and tax planning, fully updated to reflect new changes and legal updates. Written by some of the most recognized experts in the field, this book offers useful planning advice for people of various ages and income levels, including information on retirement planning, trusts, charitable contributions, gifts, life insurance, and wills. In this guide, you’ll find up-to-the-minute facts, valuable insight, and solid strategies to help you preserve your wealth and plan your estate under current tax rules. The helpful companion website provides spreadsheets, tools, and additional reading to help you get organized, while the book’s expert guidance provides the background information you need to prepare properly.

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The Idiot’s Guide to Getting Rich, 3rd Edition

With advice on investing, saving, and money management, the latest edition of this popular guide expands on the habits and strategies that will bring financial success. The authors present succinct and complete information on knowing the wealth index, using the debt pyramid reduction program, hiring financial advisors, and more.

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10 Minute Guide to Personal Finance for Newlyweds

This is the one book all couples should read before they walk down the aisle. Stewart Welch, III offers strategies for planning a wedding without breaking a budget and then guides newlyweds through the maze of setting up a winning financial program from establishing financial goals to buying insurance as husband and wife.

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