Year: 2020

What Do You Keep in Your Safe Deposit Box?

In a world of electronic recordkeeping and legal digital signatures, bank safe deposit boxes are a bit old-school. However, they still exist, and many people still depend on them for the safekeeping of a variety of items important to them. There are some items people often keep, but should not, in their safe deposit box […]

Better Health Equals Better Finances

 One of the major lessons learned from the Covid-19 crisis is how vulnerable we are as Americans due to our poor underlying health. According to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), America ranks near the bottom in terms of life expectancy among advanced/industrialized nations and near the top in terms of obesity rates, […]

It’s November 3rd; Who Wins?

This presidential election could very well be a flashback to the 2000 presidential election of Bush versus Gore. Does anybody remember the ‘hanging chads’? Bush was declared the early winner, but the Democrats contested the race, which was finally declared in Bush’s favor by the U.S. Supreme Court on December 12, 2000. With an unprecedented […]

Did You Get Your $1,200 Stimulus Check?

In March of this year, Congress passed the CARES Act as part of a COVID-19 stimulus package of Economic Impact Payments that included $1,200 checks to eligible Americans plus $500 checks for eligible children. A couple with two children could receive up to $3,400. Not everyone was eligible for payments as phaseouts begin at $75,000 […]

Financial Help For Friends and Family

Providing financial assistance can be tricky, particularly when it involves close friends and family members. While the instinct to offer financial help for those we care about is admirable, it should be met with caution as it can often lead to bad outcomes. If a family member or friend is seeking financial assistance, below are […]