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What is the Greatest Gift? A Better Education!

If you could give a child the gift of a great education at no cost to you, would you do it? If your answer is, “Of course I would!” then you need to learn more about the Alabama Accountability Act (AAA). The Alabama Accountability Act (AAA) AAA allows you to redirect a portion of your […]

FEMA Continues Reimbursement for COVID-19 Related Funeral Expenses

For the first time in over 100 years, the State of Alabama had more deaths than births for the calendar year 2020.  The unofficial numbers are 57,641 births and 64,714 deaths, of which 7,182 deaths were attributed to COVID.  In total, nearly 14,000 Alabamians have died by COVID.  COVID deaths have devastated many families in […]

AL Property Tax Exemption: Do You Qualify?

The housing market has gone through the roof over the past year.  Home sales in hot markets often sell within the first day for prices well above the asking price.  Guess what is next?  Higher property taxes! Many people over the age of sixty-five don’t realize or forget that they are likely eligible for an exemption […]

The Eviction Moratorium Ends

The eviction moratorium was established early in the Covid-19 pandemic to provide relief for those struggling to pay rent due to the impact of Covid related health and financial issues. The initial moratorium technically expired on July 31, 2021, but the Centers for Disease Control  (CDC) attempted to extend it without the proper legal authority […]

The In’s and Out’s of Credit

In recent SquareOne Financial Foundations blogs, we reviewed topics focused on saving for emergencies and retirement, but now let’s shift gears and dig into one of the most critical yet most misunderstood components of your financial life—credit. What is credit anyway? Simply put, credit is one’s capacity to borrow money or gain access to goods […]

The Why & How of Credit Freezes

One of the primary ways people fall victim to financial fraud is from someone stealing their personal data and secretly opening credit in their name. The best safeguard against this is by placing a permanent credit freeze with the three primary credit bureaus TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. In order to open new credit, a review […]

Winning the Credit Score Game

Wells Fargo recently announced it would no longer offer personal lines of credit.  Instead, customers with account balances will be required to begin a payoff schedule.  The typical open line-of-credit might be for as little as $3,000 or as much as $100,000.  These accounts were used for such things as home improvements or loan consolidations.  […]