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Winning the Credit Score Game

Wells Fargo recently announced it would no longer offer personal lines of credit.  Instead, customers with account balances will be required to begin a payoff schedule.  The typical open line-of-credit might be for as little as $3,000 or as much as $100,000.  These accounts were used for such things as home improvements or loan consolidations.  […]

Wealth Creation Made Easy: Part II

Last week’s article, Wealth Creation Made Easy, discussed a few time-tested rules to help you achieve significant wealth. The article highlighted three areas – that should you have consistent success in achieving, will provide you with a framework in creating wealth. Let’s take a deeper dive and discuss a few additional thoughts to make following […]

Wealth Creation Made Easy

What does it mean to be wealthy?  While there is no right or wrong answer, a recent 2021 survey conducted by Charles Schwab suggests Americans believe $1.9 million in net worth qualifies as wealthy.  While most consider accumulating this kind of wealth a herculean task, only reserved for a select few, the truth is anyone […]

Make the Most of your 401(k) with the Employer Match

In our previous SquareOne blog, we discussed the power of the time value of money. Now that we understand the benefits of compound interest, we want to look at ways to kickstart your retirement savings goals. Approximately 64% of all private industry workers have access to a defined contribution retirement plan, such as a 401(k) […]

Make Better Use Of Your Cash

One of the biggest frustrations for savers over the past year is the reduction in the amount of interest they are receiving in checking and savings accounts.  While this is not a tremendous problem in and of itself, the recent concerns surrounding inflation exacerbate the problem when potential losses of purchasing power add to the […]

Combining A Roth IRA With An Emergency Fund

The basic building blocks for successful personal finances are creating an adequate emergency fund and consistently saving for retirement. In this week’s article, we look at a rule that allows investing in a Roth IRA account and use it as a part of your emergency funds if needed. As a refresher, you can learn more […]