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Getting a Summer Job


5 Tips for Getting Your Dream Summer Job

The weather is mixed…some cool days, some hot days, but make no mistake, Summer is just around the corner.  Unless you have the luxury of taking the summer off, now is the time to line up a great summer job.  Here are my best tips for landing your dream summer job: Decide what type of […]

Trivia App Helps Pay Off Student Loans

2 Million Reasons to Quit Smoking

2 Million Reasons to Quit Smoking

We recently were working with a client who, we determined, needed a large amount of life insurance to cover a business buy-out.  He uses smokeless tobacco but is otherwise in good health.  When we checked rates for him, we were astounded at the additional costs because he used tobacco.  This got me thinking about the […]

Good Places to Spend Your Tax Refund


Good Places to Spend Your Tax Refund

As Financial Advisers, we often speak of ‘what not to do’ with your money.  Don’t get a car loan; save and pay cash.  Don’t use credit cards to buy stuff if you can’t pay them off in full every month.  Pay attention to your spending and don’t buy stuff you don’t need.  Well, you’re about […]

Empty Nester Retirement Must-Do’s

Experian Boost

Downsizing Your Home Before Retirement