Year: 2019

Fourth Quarter Financial Planning Series: REDUCING TAXES

In part one of this series ‘Investments,’ I discussed investment to-dos between now and yearend.  Today, I’d like to cover some tax-related strategies that can save you money or avoid tax penalties. File on time. Ok, this is not exactly a 2019 year-end strategy but a reminder of the importance of filing by April 15, […]

Pension Buyouts Are Back! What To Do?

With interest rates trending lower in 2019, many companies are once again looking to offload pension liabilities by offering lump-sum pension payouts to employees and former employees.  If you, or someone you know, are being given the option to take a lump-sum pension, it can be one of the most important financial decisions of your […]

Fourth Quarter Financial Planning Series: INVESTING

As we head towards 2019 year-end, what are the most important financial planning tips and tasks for you to consider to ‘finish well’ and set yourself up for a successful new year?  In this series, we’ll tackle areas such as: Investing Cutting taxes Cutting insurance costs Completing an estate plan review INVESTING Grab the match. […]

CD’s Can Be Risky!

Everybody knows bank CD’s are safe, right?  Not so fast…  In today’s financial environment, CD’s face some unexpected risks that you should consider before automatically renewing your CD when it matures. An internet search of current rates from two of our largest banks (Birmingham, AL) for a 1-year CD revealed rates of 0.10% (APR).  Investing […]