Year: 2019

Is Your Mindset Right for Stock Market Volatility?

The are many ways I measure my success as a wealth manager, but one of the most important ways is how many nervous calls I receive from clients when financial market volatility increases.  If I’m doing my job well my clients achieve a certain mindset and comfort level, allowing them to navigate extreme periods of […]

3 Steps to Getting a Higher Interest Rate

In late 2007, right before the banking meltdown that ushered in the Great Recession of 2008, we were easily earning north of 4% on money market accounts.  As the recession unfolded, and with much help from the Federal Reserve, interest rates plummeted to near zero percent…actually zero percent in many cases.  Some ten years later […]

401k In-Service Withdrawal: Good Idea or Bad?

I recently ran into a situation where an employee withdrew money from their 401k in order to buy a home that he had been renting.  Certainly, owning a home is part of the American dream, but is it a good idea to use your retirement savings?  In this case, he took an ‘in-service withdrawal’ instead […]

New Rule: Pay Off Your Home Mortgage!

For as long as I can remember, having a home mortgage was considered ‘good’ debt.  The reason was that you were borrowing money to buy something that’s expected to increase in value…AND you received a tax deduction for your interest payments! What’s changed?  In 2017, 32 million taxpayers were eligible for the mortgage interest deduction.  […]