Year: 2021

What is the Greatest Gift? A Better Education!

If you could give a child the gift of a great education at no cost to you, would you do it? If your answer is, “Of course I would!” then you need to learn more about the Alabama Accountability Act (AAA). The Alabama Accountability Act (AAA) AAA allows you to redirect a portion of your […]

Navigating Uncertain Markets

The uncertainty in the current market environment gives us many things to think about, and it can be challenging to make sound financial judgments.  With the continuous drumbeat of concern over political disputes, Federal Reserve monetary/interest rate policy, inflation, and Covid-19, it can be difficult to know how best to allocate ones’ capital.  In times […]

Save Cash with this Tax Strategy

A lot of people make donations to their favorite charity or religious organization.  And in most cases, the individual writes a check and, hopefully, takes a charitable tax deduction when it is tax-filing time. An often-forgotten tax strategy is the Qualified Charitable Deduction (QCD).  The QCD is a different take on securing a tax benefit […]

FEMA Continues Reimbursement for COVID-19 Related Funeral Expenses

For the first time in over 100 years, the State of Alabama had more deaths than births for the calendar year 2020.  The unofficial numbers are 57,641 births and 64,714 deaths, of which 7,182 deaths were attributed to COVID.  In total, nearly 14,000 Alabamians have died by COVID.  COVID deaths have devastated many families in […]

AL Property Tax Exemption: Do You Qualify?

The housing market has gone through the roof over the past year.  Home sales in hot markets often sell within the first day for prices well above the asking price.  Guess what is next?  Higher property taxes! Many people over the age of sixty-five don’t realize or forget that they are likely eligible for an exemption […]