Year: 2021

Supercharge Your 401k for 2021

Background  In March of 2020, COVID-19 became a wide-spread news story that sent the stock market down by more than 30% in what most investors thought was the beginning of a disastrous year.  But it managed not only to rebound but set new highs. As we begin 2021, the stock market continues to set new […]

Avoid These Three Retirement Mistakes

Planning for retirement is challenging enough without making a big mistake.  It takes a lot of money for most people if they want to maintain a retirement lifestyle like what they had while they were working. Here are three common assumptions many people make that are often incorrect and can be devastating to your retirement plans: […]

Do You Have A Will?

Forty-six-year-old Tony Hsieh was the CEO of Zappos, the popular online shoe and clothing company that became famous for its ‘no-shipping costs’ service strategy.  Tony had a net worth estimated at $840 million and was an extremely bright individual.  Unfortunately, he passed away from burn injuries sustained in a house fire in November of last […]

Is Your Safety Net Sufficient?

An unfortunate reality today is the staggering amount of people living paycheck to paycheck without a proper emergency cash reserve, or safety net, to get them through times of financial instability.  A recent CNBC article stated that since the Covid-19 pandemic began, approximately 63% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and approximately 80% of Americans […]

Investing: A Game of Probabilities

One of the hardest things for many to understand about investing is the fact there are no certainties.  Investing is a probabilities game, and we must continuously attempt to allocate capital in a way that gives us the highest probability of success over the short, near, and long term.  There are various techniques used to […]