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Investing for the Ages Part I of III: 20’s & 30’s

Even under COVID…no, especially under COVID, people need to be focused on their long-term financial future. If you’re in your twenties or thirties and want to create financial independence, you’ll need to begin an investment program. Here are the key actions you should take now:   Don’t wait, invest now. Many people postpone investing because […]

Does COVID-19 Have You Financially Paralyzed?

When will the shelter in place policies end? When will the economy reopen? When the economy does reopen, what will the business environment look like? How will this affect my job prospects moving forward? How will this affect my investment portfolio and long-term retirement plans? The questions above are a few facing us right now, […]

Think Small To Save Big!

Under intense pressure, it’s easy to find yourself paralyzed and unable to complete even the simplest of tasks! The mind is a powerful tool and can be either your best friend or your worst enemy. As we grow old, our ability to deal with pressure improves, but life has a way of humbling and forcing […]

Fourth Quarter Financial Planning Series: INVESTING

As we head towards 2019 year-end, what are the most important financial planning tips and tasks for you to consider to ‘finish well’ and set yourself up for a successful new year?  In this series, we’ll tackle areas such as: Investing Cutting taxes Cutting insurance costs Completing an estate plan review INVESTING Grab the match. […]

CD’s Can Be Risky!

Everybody knows bank CD’s are safe, right?  Not so fast…  In today’s financial environment, CD’s face some unexpected risks that you should consider before automatically renewing your CD when it matures. An internet search of current rates from two of our largest banks (Birmingham, AL) for a 1-year CD revealed rates of 0.10% (APR).  Investing […]

The New Parent Financial Checklist!

Becoming a parent is an exhilarating experience, but also comes with a great deal of responsibility!  On August 2, 2019, my wife and I welcomed our second child, Jones Carson Clay, to the world, and we feel very blessed.  Between helping my wife with various tasks, including diaper changes, feedings, cleaning clothes, etc., my financial […]