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Leasing a Car- How to Get a Great Deal

Some people prefer to lease rather than own a car for a number of reasons including smaller up-front costs, smaller monthly payments and avoiding the hassles associated with selling a used car. In a lease deal, the dealer sells your car to a leasing company who, in turn, leases it back to you. Your payments […]

Buying a New Car-How to Get a Great Deal

    Thinking of buying a new car but dreading negotiating with the salesperson? In this first of a 3-part series, I’ll give you the step-by-step process for getting the best deal on your next new car purchase.   Step 1. Review your credit history. Assuming you plan on financing your purchase, your first step […]

Convertible Bonds – Add Spice to Your Portfolio

Convertible bonds have been the focus of numerous articles and commentary from the financial press over the past several months. What are they? Are they useful investments for the individual investor? A convertible bond is a bond issued by a publicly traded corporation that gives the bondholder the option to convert the bond to a […]

Estate Tax Lotto

In 2001, President Bush signed a law that will eliminate all estate taxes in 2010. Unfortunately, the law contains a sunset provision that would repeal the law in 2011 causing estate taxes to be due on estates that exceed $1 million. Currently if your estate, including life insurance that you own, was less than $1.5 […]

The Problem with Hedge Funds

Last year the stock market languished in negative territory for the first 10 months before breaking out. So far this year, the stock market again appears to be stalled with many Wall Street analysts prognosticating modest single digit returns for 2005. What’s an investor to do? Some investors are turning to hedge funds as a […]

Long Term Care Insurance – Part II

Last week, I discussed the rising cost of long term care and the importance of having a plan in place. This week, I will explain what options you should look for when purchasing a policy and which are the best long term care insurers. Once you’ve decided to purchase a policy, the first step you […]

Long Term Care Insurance – Part I

Over the past few years, you’ve undoubtedly seen numerous advertisements for Long Term Care Insurance, but you probably don’t understand these policies and how they can help you. Also, there are many misconceptions about which benefits health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid provide when long term care is needed. Basically, long term care is medical and […]

Consolidate Student Loans and Save Big Now

Do you or someone you know have student loans? If so, you have what may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to consolidate these loans into a low interest rate while potentially extending the term over which the loans must be repaid. But you must hurry. On July 1st, rates will go up by […]

Magnify Your Wealth While Reducing Taxes

  With Individual Retirement Accounts (“IRAs”) among the largest investment assets left to heirs, deciding what to do with an inherited IRA is one of the most important decisions facing many account owners.  Inheriting a traditional IRA provides a unique opportunity to continue tax-deferred investing.  Over time, that tax advantage can dramatically increase the value […]

Advice for the June Bride – Part II

  In last week’s column, I discussed how establishing a sound financial footing will also provide a strong foundation for a great marriage.  That’s especially important because more than 75% of marriage difficulties have some roots in financial problems.  When couples share common financial goals and work as a team to reach those goals, the […]