9 Secrets to Achieving Financial Freedom- Part III

Once you decide what you want to accomplish in your life; make a total commitment to doing whatever it takes; and get perfectly clear about what that accomplishment looks like, what is the next step in the journey to turning your intention into your reality? Well, it’s the Secret of Decisive Action! You see, a lot of people know what they want but they fail to take the action necessary to make it happen. What are the reasons? They are many but a couple of the most prevalent include:

  • All the facts, please. If your personality is of the ‘analyst’ type, you may be hindered by the need to know all the facts before you ‘start’ on the road to success. You’ve heard the mantra, “Ready, Aim, Fire!” Well successful people believe in the same mantra but they reorder the words a bit. Their mantra is, “Ready, FIRE, Aim!” Whether we’re talking about creating financial freedom or, in my case, using the 9 Secrets to Achieving Financial Freedom to take control of my own health and fitness, what’s critical is to get in the game! One of the greatest ‘understandings’ of success is failure. All highly successful people get into the game knowing they’ll make mistakes and run into obstacles. They just don’t let that stop them. They adopt the mantra, “Correct and Continue!” When you make a mistake, learn from it, adjust your course and continue on your journey as a wiser person. Here’s a great slogan to embrace, “All Masters were once Disasters!” You become a Master through blood, sweat and tears.
  • Procrastination. An awful lot of people fall into this category. They know what they want but they’re just too comfortable where they are to take the actions needed to change the course of their lives. If you are a constant procrastinator, there’s still hope for you. It will require that you create a new but simple habit. Write down what it is that you want to accomplish, why it’s vitally important to you and then list the first few actions you could take in the next 7 days to move you towards your goal. Then commit (here’s the new habit) to completing at least 2-3 actions per week while continually updating your action list. I’ve even created a form to help you called ‘My Promise’ which you can access at the Resource Center at www.StewartWelch.com
In applying the Secret of Decisive Action to my own 40-day health and fitness transformation (www.UltimateFitnessQuest.com), I first put together a world-class team of experts to coach me, got into the gym every day and immediately began eating healthy. I cut out sugary and fried foods, processed foods, alcohol, and diet soft drinks. The human body is amazing! Within a few days I started feeling better, more energized and by day 5 my clothes began to feel looser. By day 10, I had lost 6 lbs of body fat and 8 total pounds! You don’t have to know all the answers. I accelerated through my nutritional and fitness learning curve by consulting experts in the field. Whether your goals are financial or fitness related, you can use this same strategy. They’ll guide you and support your success.
If you’re ready to transform your financial future or your health and fitness, visit www.StewartWelch.com.