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It’s November 3rd; Who Wins?

This presidential election could very well be a flashback to the 2000 presidential election of Bush versus Gore. Does anybody remember the ‘hanging chads’? Bush was declared the early winner, but the Democrats contested the race, which was finally declared in Bush’s favor by the U.S. Supreme Court on December 12, 2000. With an unprecedented […]

Did You Get Your $1,200 Stimulus Check?

In March of this year, Congress passed the CARES Act as part of a COVID-19 stimulus package of Economic Impact Payments that included $1,200 checks to eligible Americans plus $500 checks for eligible children. A couple with two children could receive up to $3,400. Not everyone was eligible for payments as phaseouts begin at $75,000 […]

Financial Help For Friends and Family

Providing financial assistance can be tricky, particularly when it involves close friends and family members. While the instinct to offer financial help for those we care about is admirable, it should be met with caution as it can often lead to bad outcomes. If a family member or friend is seeking financial assistance, below are […]

Medicare – What You Must Do Right Now

If you are on Medicare, it’s that time of the year again! Now is the time to review your current plan and compare the options available to ensure you are on the best plan for your situation. You could potentially save thousands of dollars. There is a deadline for making changes for 2021, so don’t […]

4th Quarter Investment Mindset: Focus on Tax

As we enter the 4th quarter of 2020, uncertainty remains in capital markets related to Covid-19, elections, etc. While much attention is often paid to financial issues outside our control, investors should focus their energy on tax efficiency areas, which are within their control. Additionally, with potential tax increases/changes resulting from the November elections, emphasis […]

Thinking of Retiring? Consider the Emotional Aspects

The average retirement age in the United States is sixty, and the average life expectancy is age seventy-nine. Note that to get the ‘average’ life expectancy, you include many who will live well beyond that age, with more and more people living to centenarian status. It goes without saying that you must carefully calculate that […]

Understanding Deferment and Forbearance Relief

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the unprecedented economic damage it inflicted, many lenders created deferment and forbearance relief programs to assist borrowers in their time of need. While this was welcomed relief for the unemployed and those suffering from severe reductions in income, consumers participating in these programs should understand what is expected of […]

Better Assumptions = Better Outcomes

When planning for your financial future, assumptions are one of the most critical factors in the process. While many assumptions are in our control, it is those out of our control that gets us in trouble. In the world of finance, there are no extra points for optimism or pessimism. To give yourself the highest […]

November Elections And The Stock Market

With the presidential elections less than two months away, we hear a lot about how the results are likely to affect the stock market. Some believe a Biden win will sink the stock market due to his commitment to higher individual and corporate income tax rates and more regulations. Others believe a Trump win cause […]

Mortgage Rates: Time To Revisit

COVID has permeated our lives to such a degree that it is easy to miss significant opportunities that are right in front of you. Currently, one of the biggest opportunities is historically low mortgage interest rates. In March of this year, 30-year mortgage rates dropped to an all-time low of 3.25%. The 15-year fixed-rate was […]