Want Free Financial Advice? Dont Miss the May 20th Alabama Money Expo!

Most people could benefit from financial advice but, in many cases, they simply don’t know where to go to get sound advice and they don’t want to find themselves in the middle of a sales pitch.  Look no further than the 2017 Alabama Money Expo being held on Saturday, May 20, at UAB Hill Student Center in Birmingham, Alabama.  If you have financial questions this is a great place to get answers (no sales pitches!) on just about any topic.  There’s something for everyone plus a chance to win BIG Prizes!  Here are some of the highlights of the event:

One-on-one financial advice.  You’ll have the opportunity to sit down for a one-on-one meeting with experts in their fields:

  • Financial Planning. You’ll be able to sit down with a Certified Financial Planner® professional and get advice about your most important concerns.  Be sure to bring any documents you’d like to review.
  • Career Counseling and Resume Review. If you’re looking for career counselling or how to write an effective resume, a team of experts will be there to personally guide you.
  • Budget & Credit Counseling. Want strategies for fixing your credit?  One-on-one experts will advise how to repair your credit and offer easy-to-follow budget tips.
  • Home Counseling. Want to buy a home or are you struggling to keep your home?  We’ll have an expert sit down with you personally to help you solve this puzzle.

Due to limited space, you’ll want to pre-register for these one-on-one sessions at www.uab.edu/MoneyExpo.

Financial Workshops.  There will be a series of speakers on a variety of topics:

  • Retirement Planning. I’ll lead a workshop on “How to Create a Champagne Retirement on a Shoestring Budget”.  If you’re one of the first 50 through the door at this seminar you’ll receive a free copy of my latest book by the same title.
  • Estate Planning. Expert estate lawyer, Howard Neiswender, will share the vital basics of wills, healthcare directives and the importance of having an updated power of attorney.
  • Financial Planning. “Mr. Super-Fantastic” Melvin Smith from https://twitter.com/moneymetals, CFP®, will discuss the 25 important elements of effective financial planning.
  • Credit Management.  Doug Horst of Gateway will share the tricks of both how your credit score is created as well as what you can do to improve your score.
  • Know Your Banking Options. Senior mortgage banker, Theresa Campbell, will guide you on how to become a successful homeowner.
  • Risk Management. Unexpected out-of-pocket healthcare costs during retirement can decimate your retirement finances.  Author and insurance expert, Babs Hart, will share strategies for long-term health care planning.
  • Entrepreneur and Small Business Access to Capital. Whether you’re a start-up, small, medium or large business, securing capital can be a significant challenge.  Capital funding expert, Dominick Wallace will share with you the five ways to finance a business.
  • Social Security. Thinking of starting Social Security?  Making the right choice can make you literally thousands of dollars.  Hugh Smith, CPA, CFP, CFA, will outline your best strategies.
  • Tax Planning. With over thirty years of tax planning experience, Deryck Ferrier will share numerous tips to cut your taxes and save you money.
  • The Real Cost of Aging. Larry Walck will discuss both the importance and strategies around Medicare planning and the costs of long-term care expenses.
  • Investing Wisely. Have you reached the point where you’re ready to hire a professional to help you with your investments and financial plan?  Kimberly Reynolds, CFP®, will show you the questions you must ask when hiring a financial planner.  Expect to be surprised!
  • Identity Theft. Identity theft is a growing problem and multi-billion-dollar business for thieves.  Dan Lord, of the Alabama Securities Commission, will keep you ahead of the game as he outlines the best ways to protect yourself.
  • Home Ownership. A panel of experts will take your questions and give you tips on how to navigate the intricacies of home ownership.

Youth Workshops- Reality Check! 

Wait! You mean money doesn’t grow on trees?!  Facilitator, Emily Hines says, “Reality Check is a financial simulation for youth in grades 7-12. Participants pretend to be young adults with occupations, salaries, and often have a family. They move through the simulation with volunteers role-playing various scenarios. Through the activity, students learn personal financial management”.


In addition to door prizes, for every workshop or one-on-one session you attend, you’ll receive a raffle ticket and the winner of the drawing gets to enter the Tornado Money Machine booth and grab all the money they can (in a limited time)!

Pre-registration is not required but workshops and one-on-one sessions fill up quickly so I highly encourage you to register right now!  To pre-register or get more information visit www.uab.edu/MoneyExpo.