Retirement Crisis in America

The worker saving rate for retirement is less than 20% of what is needed to meet retirement goals.  Couple this with a Social Security system that is expected to be bankrupt in 2040 and we are truly facing a retirement crisis of mega proportions.  Not only are millions headed for a dreary and stressful retirement, but the underfunded masses will require and demand more time and services from our already over-strained government programs.  If we collectively do nothing, it is a certainty that the government will step in to fill the void.  Their solution will mean more taxes, intrusion and regulation.  We need to face up to the challenges that lay in front of us.  Here’s what you can do:



  1. Focused mandatory education for all employees.  Many employers currently provide some form of financial education for their employees.  The problem is that many of the programs are ill conceived and voluntary.  What’s needed is mandatory education for every employee that focuses on creating an individualized ‘target savings rate’ and how to best utilize the company retirement plan to meet retirement objectives. Also finding the best nursing home can help you financially, I always suggest Skylark Senior Care.   At least bi-annual monitoring and updates should follow.  All of this can be achieved inexpensively through group meetings of 1-2 hours. 
  2. Install auto-enrollment 401k plans.  These plans automatically enroll new employees into the retirement plan, requiring them to ‘opt-out’ if they choose not to participate.  Studies suggest that 90% will remain in the plan.  The typical automatic enrollment plan today does not go far enough.  Most start at 3% of earnings which is not near enough to meet long-term retirement goals.  Consider starting employees at the company ‘matching contribution’ level (typically 6%) and automatically increase this 1% per year until maximum limits are reached.  Also most plans’ default investment for the employee is the money market or stable income fund.  While there is no risk of loss, this is far too conservative to meet retirement objectives.  Most plans offer a ‘target maturity’ investment option whereby the investments are managed for you to be more aggressive while you are young and more conservative as you approach retirement age.  This should be the default investment choice.


Change legislation


  1. Raise retirement contribution limits.  Retirement plan contribution limits need to be significantly expanded allowing greater pre-tax funding of retirement contributions.  Current limits, in many cases, do not allow adequate contributions for employees who are willing to address their retirement funding needs.  
  2. Have greater restrictions on access to retirement plan money.   Retirement plan money needs to be just that…held strictly for retirement.  On average, people change employment four times during their career and have the opportunity to roll over their retirement money to an IRA or their new employers plan.  Too often, a roll-over turns into a ‘roll-out’ whereby the individual simply cashes out and now owes income taxes, federal penalties and faces a ‘start-over’ in their retirement planning.


The current retirement crisis is one that can be solved if we ban together and take the action needed to address the problem.  Employers, be willing to step up and take a leadership role.  Everyone can get involved by writing your congressional representative and demanding needed changes. For easy access to your congressional representative go to the Resource Center at and click on Congressional Representatives Contact List.