Experts Offer Free Financial Advice

Whether you’re a seasoned saver gearing up for retirement or a college graduate just beginning to navigate your finances, free help is on the way! The Financial Planning Association (FPA) of North Alabama and the Alabama Securities Commission, will co-host the 2017 Financial Planning Expo this coming Tuesday, October 24, at the Hoover Public Library (205-444-7816) from 1:00PM to 5:00PM. If you need to grab your smart-phone or GPS, the address is 200 Municipal Lane, Hoover, AL 35216.  This is an important once-a-year event so I asked FPA of North Alabama board member, and my associate, Callie Jowers, CFP® for more details:

Stewart: Callie, why should people take time out of their day to attend the Financial Planning Expo?

Callie: The Financial Planning Expo is one of the few instances where members of the public can receive free advice and financial education from local planners. Whether you’re a recent graduate trying to balance saving for retirement and student loans, a pre-retiree who wants to be sure they are making the most informed choice about Medicare coverage or long-term care insurance, a parent planning for college, or someone thinking about how to best leave assets to heirs, this event is a great use of your time. We’re also excited to have the Expo at the Hoover Public Library again. They have a fantastic facility and have been a wonderful partner for this event.  There is also plenty of free parking.

Stewart: Tell me more about the services FPA will be offering that day.

Callie: We have local experts speaking on a variety of subjects including estate planning, Social Security, Medicare and strategies for long term care. We’ll also have the Alabama Securities Commission presenting on safe and informed investing. Throughout the day, we’ll be offering one-on-one sessions with local CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS ™. These sessions will run concurrently with the speakers, so attendees should feel free to stop by for a free 30-minute session with a planner at any time during the Expo. If you have a question, they have answers for you.

Stewart: You mentioned the one-on-one sessions were free. Are there any strings attached?

Callie: There are absolutely no strings attached! We’re lucky to have many great planners willing to give their time to the community. We’re here to educate and inform the public and promise no sales pitches.

Stewart:  What should attendees do in order to get the most out of these one-on-one sessions?

Callie:  First, know exactly what questions you have and bring all the supporting data.  For example, if you’re trying to solve a debt problem, bring copies of your statements so the planner can review the details.  All your information and conversations will be held in the strictest confidence.

Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity to learn money-saving ideas from top financial planners in Alabama. For more information, visit