To Move or Remodel

At its foundation, my job as a wealth manager is to help clients effectively allocate their hard-earned capital.  While there are many important decisions along those lines, the decision to remodel an existing home, or move to a new home, is one of the biggest as it can prove costly if not well thought-out.  When […]

Mortgage Interest Rates Plunge

According to BankRate.com, home mortgage rates dropped to their lowest level in 17 months.  The 30-year mortgage is at 4.04% and a 15-year mortgage is at 3.41%.  Rates on 30-year jumbo loans also fell to 4.10%.  This is great news if you’re considering buying a home and should serve as a reminder to check your […]

New Rule: Pay Off Your Home Mortgage!

For as long as I can remember, having a home mortgage was considered ‘good’ debt.  The reason was that you were borrowing money to buy something that’s expected to increase in value…AND you received a tax deduction for your interest payments! What’s changed?  In 2017, 32 million taxpayers were eligible for the mortgage interest deduction.  […]