9 Secrets of Achieving Financial Freedom- Part IV

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been discussing the 9 Secrets to Achieving Financial Freedom and how these secrets can be applied to achieving success in any area of your life. So far I’ve discussed the Secret of Decision; Total Commitment; Clarity; and Decisive Action. You’ve got to decide what you want in life; make a total commitment to achieving it; get perfectly clear what ‘it’ is; and then jump in the game by taking decisive action. Yes, you can just about count on making some wrong turns along your journey so accept them as ‘lessons’…information that you can use to improve your results as you continue on your path to success. In some cases, a ‘wrong turn’ will appear insurmountable and it is at this point that many people will simply give up on their dream.

This is where the Secret of Perfect Attitude becomes critical. Too often there’s a tendency to focus our attention on the negative events in our lives while downplaying all of our numerous blessings. On balance our life’s blessings far outweigh our challenges. Think about it. We live in the greatest country on planet Earth. Just living in the United States means we are better off than 95% of the world’s population. We don’t have to look far to find someone who faces much greater challenges than us. Take Kyle Maynard (visit him on www.YouTube.com), a congenital amputee born with no arms or legs. His attitude is that his ‘disability’ is an advantage and was an excellent high school wrestler who later fought in full-contact mixed martial arts competitions and is now a professional motivational speaker. What’s great about attitude is you get to choose yours. You can choose to focus on all of your blessings and see your challenges as blessings as well….opportunities to learn, expand your comfort zone and achieve personal growth. A big part of how successful people create their success is through meeting challenges with perfect attitude…a ‘nothing will stop me’ attitude.
You can transform your attitude with the ‘Power of Three-Squared Plus 3’. It’s a series of simple daily processes that if done for a full week, will change your life.
  1. List 3 blessings. Before rising each day, take a moment to mentally list 3 things that you are grateful for.
  2. Uplift 3 people. Commit to encouraging 3 people in a very specific way each day. You’ll know you achieved it when you see their life ‘light up’ in their eyes.
  3. List 3 daily actions. Before starting your day, list the 3 most important things you need to accomplish this day. At least one of those actions must be focused on one of your predetermined intentions (goals). Don’t end your day until all 3 are done.
  4. Celebrate 3 successes. At the end of your day, identify and celebrate three ‘wins’ (positive results) for your day.
Tip: Maintaining a log book is a great way to record your successes and a great source of encouragement to you if you ever feel a bit down.
Use the Secret of Perfect Attitude to approach your personal finances with the attitude that you can and will overcome any obstacles that stand in your way of achieving financial freedom. In applying this secret to my own Ultimate Fitness Quest, my attitude is that I will succeed because I will not allow anything to stop me. I told my personal trainer, Michael Brooks (www.360personaltrainer.com), that I would eat ‘dog food’ for 40 days if that was what was necessary. Fortunately, the UFQ nutrition plan includes great quality food and plenty of it so it has been easy as well as effective in slashing body fat. This attitude of ‘whatever it takes’ to succeed also means I have not missed a workout and I approach each workout with the intention of 100% effort. I’ve been helped by my ‘Support Partners’ and my UFQ Team of Experts (visit www.UltimateFitnessQuest.com).
Thoughts matter. Your thoughts about yourself and the world around you are what defines your attitude and it’s your attitude, more than any other personality trait, that will define your success.