5 Tips for Getting Your Dream Summer Job


The weather is mixed…some cool days, some hot days, but make no mistake, Summer is just around the corner.  Unless you have the luxury of taking the summer off, now is the time to line up a great summer job.  Here are my best tips for landing your dream summer job:

  1. Decide what type of summer job you want. Are you looking for a job that will be a blast or maybe one that will enhance your resume and give you experience or exposure to a career area of interest to you?  When I was in college, I took a summer job in Destin, Florida at a hotel as a breakfast room service attendant.  I had to get up early every day but got off early and enjoyed free afternoons at the beach.  I was with a group of guy friends, and we had a blast.
  2. Get the job you want now. Don’t think you can procrastinate and wait until summer is here.  If you do, you’ll find all the great jobs are taken by the folks who had the real hustle, and you’ll be left with the left-overs.
  3. Ask friends and family. Once you know what type of job you want, start with friends and family to find out who can make connections and introductions for you.  Most of our interns have come from referrals from people we both know well and trust.
  4. Go in person. Many people think the efficient thing to do is email resumes to as many job prospects as possible…the shotgun approach.  A much better strategy is to go in person.  Call and ask for permission to drop off your resume in person and say ‘Hello.’  Dress appropriately for the job you are seeking.  If you’re not sure, dress more professionally.  Understand that, right or wrong, people will assess if you’re a good fit for the job within two minutes of meeting you.  Dress right, have good posture, smile, look them in the eyes, have a firm handshake, and have something pleasant to say (preferably about the company or job position you are seeking).

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  1. Be prepared for your interview. Success is all about attitude…positive attitude.  Your demeanor should be enthusiastic, inquisitive and optimistic.  Review their website and know something about the company and be prepared to talk about why you want the job and how you intend to excel.

Summer jobs are an excellent opportunity to experience personal growth; learn what work life is like, and expand your personal contacts.
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Lastly, don’t forget to have a plan for your paycheck.  Spend some on fun stuff; save some for later; and invest some for the long haul.

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