Year: 2020

It’s Time to Check Your Social Security Record

When I ask someone, “What is the single largest asset you own?”, what do you think the most common response is?  If you said, “My house,” you’d be correct even though that’s not the right answer for many families. Philip Wilson, in his excellent book, “Maximize Your Social Security,” states that your decision when to […]

Tax Season Scams on the Rise


April 15th seems far away, but scammers are working overtime to beat you to the tax filing deadline so they can steal your money.  One of the new reported trends involves ransomware attacks on tax preparers.  They force tax preparers to pay a fee to ‘release’ their files then use the stolen client information to […]

Parental Guide: Maxing the Value of a College Education

Warren Buffet has a saying, “Price is what you pay, value is what you get!  As high school graduates and their parents deliberate over where/whether to attend college next year, this axiom should be at the forefront of their minds.  While it is widely known that the costs of college skyrocketed over the past twenty […]

Why Not Loan Money to Family & Friends?

If you have money or people suspect you have money, you will eventually have someone ask you for a loan.  Most likely, that person will be someone you both know well and care about.  Emotionally you may have a strong desire to help, but should you?  After forty-something years of watching this scenario play out […]