Year: 2018

Alabama in Top 10 and it’s Not Football!

Alabamians have grown accustomed to seeing a top ten ranking when it comes to the College Football Playoff poll.    Now Alabama is top ranked in another poll.  Morningstar recently released its Morningstar Analyst Ratings for the best 529 college savings plans for 2018.  Alabama received a “Silver” ranking, making it one of the Top 8 […]

Can Your Checking Account Improve Your FICO Credit Score?

Credit scoring for FICO has always been a mysterious black box.  The credit rating bureaus keep the recipe a closely guarded secret.  Fair Isaac Corporation Lenders (FICO) developed the credit scoring system used by most lenders and they just announced a new wrinkle…the UltraFICO Score.  Their intention is to roll the new system out next […]

Tree of Life Synagogue, Pittsburgh

We, the Members and Staff of The Welch Group of Birmingham, are Resolved: That on this day, the 31st of October 2018 and henceforward, we stand with people of all faiths against acts of hatred and violence. In particular, given recent events that make this resolution particularly poignant, we stand with the Jewish community, both […]

If You Don’t Have This, You Need It

various US currency rolled tightly and lined up together, including a twenty and one hundred dollar bill

Last week I discussed the reasons you might need to set up a trust at your death for your children, whether they are young children or adults.  This week I’ll focus on additional documents that are a critical part of your estate plan. Picture this.  You handle the family’s finances and pay all the family […]

Don’t Be a Slave to Debt!

As humans, we instinctively pay close attention to things that excite us and ignore those that bore us.  As investors, we must fight this instinct with every fiber of our being as the boring topics are often the most important to long term financial success.  While most financial news is centered around the day-to-day movements […]