Year: 2017

“Thinking About Getting Married? Let’s Talk Money!”

The following is an excerpt from my soon-to-be-released “Couples Guide to Personal Finances”. After thirty-plus years advising hundreds of couples, it has become evident that when couples have problems, invariably, disagreement about finances is in the mix.  Therefore, if you can solve the money equation, you can go a long way towards creating and keeping […]

“College Funding: Avoiding the Kiddie Tax”

Reader Question:  Our daughter who turned 19 in January will start her sophomore year of college in August. Last year we used $5,000 from HER mutual fund and were hit with a $1,000 tax bill. We want to avoid that this year, can you give us advice on the best way to pay college expenses […]

“Smart Strategies for Your IRA- Part II”

Last week, I began this two-part series with three smart strategies for your IRA.  To review those strategies, visit the Resource Center at and click on ‘Stewart’s Commentary’. Strategy #4: Split out multiple beneficiaries.  Typically, a parent will name multiple beneficiaries such as children and grandchildren.  Left unchanged, each of the beneficiaries must use […]

“Smart Strategies for Your IRA- Part I”

When most people think of their IRA account, they think of it as part of a nest egg for their retirement but they don’t give a lot of thought regarding strategies for maximizing the effectiveness of their IRA. For example, many retirees postpone tapping their IRA until they are required to do so at age […]

“Avoid This Costly IRA Rollover Mistake”

There are many reasons in the course of our lives that we might consider doing a retirement account rollover.  And while we tend to think this is a routine matter, if done incorrectly, there can be huge negative financial implications. There are two ways to rollover a retirement account: Direct rollover. Whether it’s a 401k, […]