Year: 2005

The Problem with Hedge Funds

Last year the stock market languished in negative territory for the first 10 months before breaking out. So far this year, the stock market again appears to be stalled with many Wall Street analysts prognosticating modest single digit returns for 2005. What’s an investor to do? Some investors are turning to hedge funds as a […]

Long Term Care Insurance – Part II

Last week, I discussed the rising cost of long term care and the importance of having a plan in place. This week, I will explain what options you should look for when purchasing a policy and which are the best long term care insurers. Once you’ve decided to purchase a policy, the first step you […]

Long Term Care Insurance – Part I

Over the past few years, you’ve undoubtedly seen numerous advertisements for Long Term Care Insurance, but you probably don’t understand these policies and how they can help you. Also, there are many misconceptions about which benefits health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid provide when long term care is needed. Basically, long term care is medical and […]

Consolidate Student Loans and Save Big Now

Do you or someone you know have student loans? If so, you have what may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to consolidate these loans into a low interest rate while potentially extending the term over which the loans must be repaid. But you must hurry. On July 1st, rates will go up by […]

Magnify Your Wealth While Reducing Taxes

  With Individual Retirement Accounts (“IRAs”) among the largest investment assets left to heirs, deciding what to do with an inherited IRA is one of the most important decisions facing many account owners.  Inheriting a traditional IRA provides a unique opportunity to continue tax-deferred investing.  Over time, that tax advantage can dramatically increase the value […]

Advice for the June Bride – Part II

  In last week’s column, I discussed how establishing a sound financial footing will also provide a strong foundation for a great marriage.  That’s especially important because more than 75% of marriage difficulties have some roots in financial problems.  When couples share common financial goals and work as a team to reach those goals, the […]

Advice for the June Bride – Part I

      June marks the official kick-off for the wedding season when many young couples will begin a new life together.  Newlyweds face numerous changes, particularly during their first year of marriage…mostly good changes but some challenging ones as well.  One of the more difficult changes often relates to the best way to mesh […]

Money Basics for High School Graduates and Their Parents

  While many teens are adept at using the ATM machine, few are prepared to take control of their personal finances once they are ‘on their on’ at college. Particularly if your son or daughter is attending school far from home, it’s important that he or she be able to handle financial basics without your […]

Frugal Tips for the Summer

  As a financial advisor, I tend to focus on the big picture. I want our clients to have enough funds to send their children to college, to save for retirement, to buy a home, to have money to cover unexpected bills and generally to have peace of mind about their finances. Every once in […]

Creditor Protection for Education Plans

Over the past two weeks, I have reviewed key elements of the new bankruptcy law signed by President Bush last month.  In the first article, I discussed how the new law will make it very difficult to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and thereby wipe out your debts and give you a fresh start.  Instead, […]