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Welch Group founder and managing partner Stewart Welch III, AEP, CFP® and other firm partners provide a weekly financial column for via The Birmingham News. All of the columns are archived here for your reading pleasure. Mr. Welch has co-authored numerous books and regularly appears on various TV and radio shows including FOX 6 (Birmingham, AL), CNN (NY), Fox News Network (NY), CNBC (NJ), and is often quoted in national press including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Money and

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Getting Out of Debt FAST

Mounting personal debt is an ever-present problem in America.  Today, the average debt per household is $137,000 while average income is less than half that amount.  After debt payments, income taxes and normal living expenses, the typical American family is struggling with their personal finances.  Some of this debt makes sense and is appropriate but […]

My Plan

100 Rules of Success: Power Up Your Bucket List

What follows is the continuation of success habits that will become part of a book I’m writing, “100 Rules of Success”.  Rule:  Power Up Your Bucket List Somewhere along the way you’ve heard someone talk of their ‘bucket list’.  It’s a list of all the things they dream of accomplishing if they had the time […]


Is Your Stock Broker in Trouble with the Law?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has placed a bulls-eye on brokers who they believe are overcharging their clients in violation of their fiduciary duty.  This is a pro-consumer initiative that has some brokers scrambling to determine if they are affected. On February 12th, 2018, the SEC Division of Enforcement announced the ‘Share Class Selection […]

Your Best Strategy for Investing in CDs

For most people and most situations, investing in a mix of Equities (stocks) and Fixed Income (money market, bonds and certificates of deposit) will make the most sense.  You need stocks for long-term growth and fixed income investments as a counter-weight to a volatile stock market and as a source of income in the form […]

100 Rules of Success: Giving Back and Never Giving Up

What follows is the continuation of success habits that will become part of a book I’m writing, “100 Rules of Success”. As I’ve mentioned many times, success is not necessarily about wealth accumulation.  We all know someone who is very successful financially, but who is very unhappy in life.  One example is J. Paul Getty, […]

6 Habits of Superstar Employees

In last week’s column, I discussed the “7 Keys to a Killer Job Interview”.  Once you’ve got that new job, here are the six habits for becoming a super star employee: “Lights on…lights off”.  Do you remember the movie, ‘The Karate Kid’?  One of the most memorable scenes was when master martial artist, Mr. Miyagi, […]

7 Keys to a Killer Job Interview

The U.S. economy is strong and that’s great news for job seekers because companies are hiring!  However, it’s still a competitive job market and those who have the best interview skills are going to get the best jobs.  Being good at a job interview is a skill that can be learned.  Here are my seven […]

What to Do About Life Insurance

Most families will spend a lot of money on life insurance premiums over their lifetime so it’s very important that you have the right insurance amount and type of policy for your particular situation. For the most part, life insurance is a product that is ‘sold’…meaning most people don’t seek out life insurance, rather they […]


5 Golden Rules of Money

In a few short months a massive group of students will graduate and enter the workforce for the first time.  Unlike years past, this is actually a good time to be entering the job market.  Unemployment has dropped to historically low levels…to the point we are close to what is considered full employment.  This means […]

Is Your Business Worth Anything?

Small businesses with 20 or fewer employees make up approximately 90% of all businesses in the United States.  Unfortunately, most of these businesses will never survive the next generation due to a lack of business succession planning on the part of existing ownership.  As a financial planner, and one that meets with business owners on […]