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Our Firm provides comprehensive “fee-only” financial planning and wealth management services to clients throughout the United States. We utilize a team approach in analyzing and planning a client’s investment portfolio, estate plan, cash flow, income taxes, and retirement needs. Recommendations are based on our client’s needs, specific circumstances and goals. All clients are assigned to a team of advisors led by a partner in the firm.

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There is no one particular investment strategy that is appropriate for all investors. The optimal portfolio will depend on the amount and timing of cash flow needs, tax considerations, regulatory restrictions, market conditions, and client risk tolerance. Our Investment Management services offer several investment options, but all start with understanding the client’s needs and desires. 

Investment decisions should be based on the client’s objectives. Through our investment management process, crucial factors such as appropriate risk and return levels are derived and optimized to achieve those objectives.

Getting to Know Each Other

When we start working together, our team will take the time to get to know you and understand your needs, your financial situation, and your feelings around investing. Then, we will craft a personalized investment strategy designed to help you achieve your goals. But this relationship isn’t a one-way street—you’ll also get to know your advisor team. In those early meetings, you’ll discuss how often you’d like to be in contact, what the best methods of communication are, and overall what you want the relationship to look like.


Your advisor team is focused on establishing the best investment plan to help you achieve your goals, and they will be your go-to contact for questions, updates, and more as you navigate through the financial process. This ensures consistent communication at every level as we help you grow your investment portfolio.

Our Investment Philosophy & Process

The company’s investment philosophy and process are designed by The Welch Group’s Investment Committee and then implemented by your advisor team to help ensure you have the right strategy to help meet your financial goals. We recognize that there are many factors at play when investing. This is why we place such an emphasis on getting to know you and building a strong working relationship—so that we can craft a consistently sound strategy for you. We aim to stay on the cutting edge of financial wellness by publishing regular updates and commentaries to help you succeed.

Growth Strategy with a Safety Net™

This is our proprietary investment strategy, and it’s designed to help give you peace of mind in all market conditions. At The Welch Group, we’re proactive. We continually monitor investment opportunities-in times where market confidence aligns with your needs, and when your needs change or market confidence diminishes. We work to help protect your capital by understanding market cycles, operating with the familiarity and knowledge of the investment landscape.