Our Process

Our financial planning process is intentional and detailed.

Three people in suits stand discuss in an office space

What You Can Expect:

It starts with an initial phone call with our managing member to get to know you and understand your financial goals. We listen so we can understand where you are financially and where you want to go.

If we both decide to move forward at the end of the call, we’ll schedule the first meeting and send you the information we need to help us prepare for the meeting.

  • First Meeting

    We typically have a two-meeting process. The first meeting is what we call the “get acquainted” meeting with your advisor team; it lasts about one hour and is used to review your situation in detail, discuss your objectives and concerns, and explain how we work with clients. We'll also take the time to describe how we can best serve you and your needs.
  • Second Meeting

    If you (and we) decide a follow-up meeting is appropriate, this second meeting is called our “drill down” meeting. Lasting about two hours, we provide an in-depth review of your financial statement (developed by our team) and perform a cash flow retirement analysis explaining how your assets will play out over your life. We’ll also review our investment approach in detail, outlining our portfolio, your current financial plan, and any unique situations based upon your circumstances.

    We value long-term relationships with clients and support them through both good and challenging times, often meeting multiple times a year to help ensure their success.
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