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Welch Group founder and managing partner Stewart Welch III, AEP, CFP® and other firm partners provide a weekly financial column for via The Birmingham News. All of the columns are archived here for your reading pleasure. Mr. Welch has co-authored numerous books and regularly appears on various TV and radio shows including FOX 6 (Birmingham, AL), CNN (NY), Fox News Network (NY), CNBC (NJ), and is often quoted in national press including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Money and

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Avoid Penalties on Your IRA

Last week, I wrote about investing ‘into’ an IRA. One of our California clients called with questions about taking money ‘out of’ an IRA early.  This question is a good one because most people aren’t sure what the rules are.  I will explain them—one at a time–because the rules are slightly different for a Traditional […]

Letter of Love

Last week, I discussed the importance of having a Living Will which the Terri Schiavo case had brought to the public’s attention.  If you missed last week’s column and would like to download a Living Will document that you can complete and sign, go to the Resource Center at and click on ‘Healthcare Directive’.  […]

Decisions of Life and Death

In February of 1990, Terri Schiavo collapsed in her home and was rushed to the hospital. This was the beginning of what has become a very public story that has brought world attention and inspired the Vatican, the Governor of Florida and the President of the United States to weigh in on the heated debate.  […]

Buy Bonds Now or Wait?

Interest rates are clearly on the rise.  The Federal Reserve lead by Alan Greenspan has been raising short-term interest rates.  Many investors continue to have their bond money parked in money market accounts hoping to wait and invest when interest rates peak.  But will it really pay to wait? There is a good calculator you […]

How do you Spell STUPID?

According to the New Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of stupid is: Stupid: “Someone who is age 59 ½ or older, and who is eligible but not contributing to their 401(k) plan where the employer offers a matching contribution.”  Well, this isn’t actually what Webster’s says, but it could be one definition.  Most employer 401(k) plans […]

Tips for Selling Your Home

  Last week, I discussed the most effective way to find and work with a top realtor when selling your home.  An experienced realtor really can make selling your home easier and help you get your highest price.  Today, I’m focusing on some simple and inexpensive things you can do to help your home show […]

Realtors – How to Work with the Best

  If you are considering selling your home, one of the most important decisions you will make is which realtor to list your home. A good realtor is worth his or her weight in gold because of their experience, sales ability, and contacts with prospects and other agents.  The following checklist will give you the […]

Inflation Proof Your Portfolio – Part II

  Last week, I discussed how to inflation-proof the fixed income portion of your investment portfolio. If you missed this column, go to; then go to ‘Stewart’s Weekly Column’ under the “In the News’ heading. This week I want to continue this discussion on inflation-proofing your portfolio by focusing on the equity side of […]

Inflation Proofing Your Portfolio – Part I Fixed Income

  Looking into the crystal ball of the next twelve to thirty-six months, many prognosticators are suggesting that inflation will rear its ugly head after more than a decade of hibernation.  In fact, early indications are that inflation is beginning to heat up.  The February 7 issue of Forbes Magazine states that the core consumer […]

Selling Your Home? Be Careful!

  Low mortgage interest rates over the past several years have spurred home sales nationwide to record levels.  The second dynamic is rising home prices.  Owning your own home has been one of the best investments over the past five years.  Most people selling their home today are realizing large profits.  If you sell your […]