For fee-only investing and advice with no minimum, visit our sister firm, Welch Investments.

The Welch Group

Set Up An Initial Consultation

What we do is help clients solve problems, get organized and create lasting wealth. We want to get to know you and you to get to know us before we enter into a client relationship.

To that end we offer an initial consultation (often two meetings) without charge. The purpose of the visit(s) is to better understand your concerns and circumstances and how we may best serve you. To set up your initial visit, call Greg Weyandt at 205-879-5001 or fill out the form below and he will contact you.

All initial consultations are scheduled by Member and Director of Operations Greg Weyandt, CPA, MPA. After getting a better understanding of your situation, Greg will be able to pair you with the best team of advisors for your unique situation.