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Welch Group founder and managing partner Stewart Welch III, AEP, CFP® and other firm partners provide a weekly financial column for via The Birmingham News. All of the columns are archived here for your reading pleasure. Mr. Welch has co-authored numerous books and regularly appears on various TV and radio shows including FOX 6 (Birmingham, AL), CNN (NY), Fox News Network (NY), CNBC (NJ), and is often quoted in national press including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Money and

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Thank You, Dad.

Recently, my father passed away one week shy of his 99th birthday.  Right up until his short hospital stay, he was living on his own, keeping his own yard, driving and coming into the office every day.    As I reflect on my best friend, I realize just how lucky I was to have him for […]

You’re a Smoker? Would You Rather Be a Millionaire?

I’m actually impressed by how many fewer people smoke today than a couple of decades ago.  Maybe the federal mandate requiring large-size warnings with all cigarette ads really did make a difference.  For those of you who still smoke, particularly younger folks, you’ll want to avoid New York City.  They just raised the price of […]

3 Steps to Getting Out of Debt

In spite of how much the general public dislikes the idea of debt, many people are collecting more of it every day. Excessive debt is one of the things that hinders financial success the most, so if you find yourself in this situation, there are three things you should do to get back on the […]

Help a Child Get a Better Education…for FREE

I was speaking with a mayoral candidate who wants to focus on improving education in the inner-city schools.  He said a high percentage of high school graduates scored less than 10% on math competency test.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  A good education is the foundation for a better life and critical […]

DOW 25,000? Why Not?

In January of this year the Dow-Jones Industrial Average (DOW) crossed the historic 20,000 mark to much fanfare from Wall Street and the national media.  By traditional measures, and depending on who you listen to, the market today is either fully valued or overvalued.  The question I’m getting more often now is, “When are we […]

Should I Take an Early Withdrawal from My IRA?

Reader Question: My husband and I are in our mid-forties. I’ve been out of work since Oct 2015 and in November 2016 I taped into my IRA for $20,000. I’m still unemployed and in need of money for home improvements.  Will it be wise to get another $10,000 out of my IRA for my home? […]

5 Traits of Wealth Accumulators

In my company, our advisors work with hundreds of multimillionaires.   A few inherited their wealth and are taking a disciplined approach to managing and growing their wealth, but most created their millions through their own ingenuity.  When you’ve been doing this work for decades, you begin to notice things…that these highly successful people have certain […]

College Student? Do This!

I want to encourage all college students (and their parents) to give considerable thought about how your choices now will impact your future.  Look into your crystal ball at the time of graduation; then five years later; then ten years later…and do it from a financial perspective based on the major you’ve chosen (or are […]

Money Tips for College Students

Soon thousands of young adults will head to college, many for the first time.  As parents, what is it that you hope they’ll learn from the college experience?  Personally, I ‘rolled’ into college, through college, and out of college without giving the whole process much thought.  Fortunately, once I graduated and got a job, I […]

Six Rules of Successful Investing

Investing is a big mystery to a lot of people.  The financial press and cable news shows fill the space with extraordinary investor or investment stories, one after another.  How are these people so smart when it comes to investing?  Yes, there are always a handful of exceptional stories but the truth is that becoming […]